Welcome to LOVEYEWEAR!

We love eyewear and are currently setting up a new concept store of fashionable eyewear of highest quality.

Loveyewear.se will be launched in January 2012. The UK site, along with several sites in Euope will be launched in 2012. Loveyewear invites you to a world of eyewear marked by fashion, high quality and smart services. In our world glasses are key to your personal expression, and in close cooperation with optometrists we will provide you with tailored services all along the way to finding your perfect eyewear.

The team behind Loveyewear continuously strives to develop the best e-store of eyewear. Numerous services at Loveyewear are formed in interaction with its visitors. Welcome to contact us with your personal requests at support@loveyewear.se Even more about Loveyewear

Visit loveyewear.se to get a hint of what our business is about in Swedish.